• Image of First Step To Failure - When Best Friends Become Strangers

The debut album for Glasgow's best and only skate punks, First Step to Failure.


1. Intro
2. To Old Friends and Bitter Enemies
3. All Into This
4. Falling Floor by Floor
5. Screaming in Empty Waiting Rooms
6. Interlude
7. Throats Scorched by Cigarettes and Whiskey
8. Tonight
9. Radio
10. They All Float Down Here
11. Drowning Out

The debut album by First Step to Failure, our first co-release with UK's Cold War Legacy Records.

Music by First Step to Failure
Lyrics by Niall Penmen
Recorded by Boab @ Punk Rock Rammy
Mixed and Mastered by Roger Lima at Moathouse Recording Studio

Artwork by Stu Reid.

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