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Released December 10th 2013

IMPORTANT: to order in Sweden, Germany, Canada and the US, contact: lesstalkmorerecords@gmail.com and we'll help you out for cheaper shipping! All other countries - order through the bigcartel.

Listen here: http://lesstalkmorerecords.bandcamp.com/album/sweden-the-deal

The compilation that has two fast, melodic and previously unreleased songs each from seven Swedish bands is being co-released by the bands and several labels – of which Less Talk, More Records is (a proud) one.

The bands are: Kept, Trevolt, Rebuke, From the Tracks, Lapdog, Same Old Story, Broken Aris.
Lyrics included in the booklet!

01. Kept - Jehova
02. Kept - Mr. Steroid

03. Trevolt - Själsligt Suicid
04. Trevolt - Artificial Identity

05. Rebuke - A Scene to be Believed
06. Rebuke - Going to Japan and Back
07. From the Tracks - Bring Out Your Dead
08. From the Tracks - Thieves

09. Lapdog - Supernova Light
10. Lapdog - We Don’t Belong

11. Same Old Story - The Norm in January
12. Same Old Story - Devoted & Damned
13. Broken Aris - I, Retard
14. Broken Aris - This is the Last One

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